Hello Kitty Rice Cooker

Hello Kitty Rice Cooker

Without doubt, I love using Hello Kitty Rice Cooker. It works so well with its perfect size and I’m really happy to have this addition in my kitchen. I could make rice anytime, anywhere with the Hello Kitty Rice Cooker. It makes prefect rice every time and I used it quite a few times. This appliance takes all the guesswork out of cooking rice. All I need to do is hit one button and I needless standing over a hot stove no more. Hello Kitty Rice Cooker will sense once the rice is cooked to fluffy perfection and switch automatically from cooking mode to warming mode. My husbanđ is quite grumpy but since I use Hello Kitty Rice Cooker for cooking, he’s getting pleasure with meals more than before and it makes me really happy. One more thing is that cleaning is also easy with the removable, non-stick, inner cooking pot. This easy to operate cooker is great for all houses, apartments, and dorm rooms. It come with a bin for steaming stuff while cooking rice and a measuring cup. Hello Kitty Rice Cooker is simple to use for a beginning cook like myself


  • Make prefect rice every time within a few times.
  • Simple to use for a beginning cook
  • Having perfect size
  • The rice is perfect and tasty


  • Stop working and broken for no reason: No lights, No warm
  • It’s kind of expensive
  • After 1 month, it stopped working, worst ever, looks very cheap
Hello Kitty Rice Cooker

Hello Kitty Rice Cooker